Volunteer Opportunities

Micah knows that each volunteer is unique. Interests and time commitments vary from person to person. For this reason, we have a variety of volunteer opportunities.


Classroom Reader: Only 15 minutes to spare? This is perfect for you!  You read to a classroom for 15 minutes a day. The impact is incalculable in developing literacy and the desire to read. Students love story time.

Done in a Day” Projects: are perfect for individuals or families who need an occasional commitment. The possibilities are endless: beautification projects. Dr. Seuss Day, Teacher Appreciation events, Field Day helpers, School Supplies Drives, Winter Wear Drives, Underclothing Drives,  and whatever else the school needs and volunteers can provide.

Lunch Buddy (30 min weekly or bi-weekly): meets with a student who needs a friend during lunch. This unstructured time can include friendly conversation, reading, or even flashcards. A child’s self-esteem rises when you arrive to be with them week after week.

Tutors: work one hour with a child on a specific subject area. If you have talent or interest in a specific school subject, this is great for you.

Mentors: Mentors work with a student in a variety of areas determined by the teacher. Mentoring allows for a supportive and healthy relationship to grow between the mentor and the mentee. Mentoring has the ability to  change the lives of mentees and mentors for the better.

Adopt-A-Classroom: Adopt-a-classroom is like being a room parent. Flexibility is inherent in this role. You can adopt a classroom as an individual or a group. Activities might include providing occasional snacks, chaperoning field-trips, and assisting the teacher in other helpful ways. This opportunity allows you to enjoy the special opportunity to get to know one classroom and one teacher really well for the year.

Classroom Assistants (weekly or bi-weekly):  As a classroom assistant  you would assist a teacher in the classroom for a part of the day.  You may work with a small group, help design a bulletin board, file graded papers, make copies of worksheets – whatever help the teacher needs. This opportunity also lets you get to know one class and one teacher really well. It’s something the classroom and teacher looks forward to.

Pen Pals: Are you eager to volunteer but can’t make it to school? A Pen Pal corresponds regularly with a child through written letters.  Receiving regular letters helps a child feel special and the process reinforces reading and writing skills.  And as an added bonus, at the end of the year you get to meet your Pen Pal! This opportunity is perfect for individuals and families alike.

Summer Camp:  For many kids summer means a lag in learning. Camp experiences help provide structure, socialization, and new experiences in the outdoors. Overall, it is an enriching opportunity!  Both day camp and sleep-away camp opportunities abound in metro Richmond and cost for camp opportunities start at just $10 per child. When you provide camp opportunities and transportation, you make a child’s summer!

Special Projects: Many of our volunteers have special interests and talents that they would like to share with the schools in which they are serving. As long as the school is interested in having the program, there are many different activities that can be done. Some examples are sewing groups , cooking groups, landscaping, wood work, etc. The sky is the limit!