A Principal’s Story: Mrs. Phillips

At the 2012 Micah Kickoff, Beth Ann Lucas, the Micah Key Coordinator of Saints Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Cathedral, recalled her first impression of Cary Elementary School: “I knew that John B. Cary was a special school even before I entered the building. Mrs. Phillips, the principal, was stationed outside welcoming children and parents. […]

A Family of Volunteers

For Pendle, volunteering is a family affair on more levels than one. It all started when Pendle Whisnant, a Micah volunteer from River Road Presbyterian Church, recognized that the congregation had volunteers who were not able to come during school hours.  So as the end of the year and SOLs approached, Pendle and Catlin Callister, […]

The Couple that Reads Together

As Louis and Mary Jones enter Mrs. Grady’s second grade classroom on the first Thursday of the month, they sit in the chairs in a corner of the room.  Quiet and attentive, the children arrive and settle on the rug around the couple, patiently waiting for the story to begin.  This story-time has become a […]

Landon and Bernard, The Reading Dog

There is a dog walking the halls of the Mary Scott Annex of Ginter Park Elementary School heading right into a classroom. His name is Bernard. And the hand holding Bernard’s leash, as well as his bag of treats, is that of Landon Woody, a Micah volunteer from St. Thomas’ Episcopal Church. If you ask […]

Reading with Anna McClenney

 For Anna McClenney, teaching has been more than a career, reading with students is a mission.   For Anna McClenney, teaching has been more than a career, reading with students is a mission. “I was employed by Richmond Public Schools as a reading tutor and I continue to do so as a retired teacher, and […]

60 Years Later, Former Carver Student Returns to Mentor

Every Monday, Ernest Johnson returns to his former school, George Washington Carver Elementary, formerly Moore Street Elementary, where he completed his primary education in 1948. There, he meets with a very special student: Zahkeem. Nearly five years ago, Mr. Johnson became Zahkeem’s mentor, when Ebenezer Baptist Church joined the Micah Initiative. Each week Mr. Johnson […]