Pam’s Story: Serving Behind the Scenes

PamMt.TaborAs Key Coordinator for Mt. Tabor Baptist Church, Pam Vaughan has found that although the way she supports Micah is behind the scenes, she finds a sense of immense purpose.

When Pam was asked to serve as Key Coordinator for her faith community, it seemed a natural role to move into. “I am the person considered the coordinator for missions and evangelism at Mt. Tabor Baptist Church.” explained Pam, “And I got involved in Fairfield Elementary because I was involved with doing things for kids of a refugee family our church committed to support with the kids and then with some rezoning they were moved over to Woodville.” It was at Woodville that Mt. Tabor decided to join the Micah mission. “Last year, we adopted the whole spanish class.”

However, it is largely unseen work that Pam does to support the volunteers from her church. “I share the information with the people at my church. I ask the volunteers and tell them what type of help is needed and what areas they might want to fit it in. I keep a list of names of people who want to volunteer, I make sure they get their paperwork done in terms of the background check and all of that stuff,” explains Pam. “I’m the background person, but I try and make sure things get taken care of.”

While it is not direct “in-school” volunteering, like mentoring and tutoring, it still holds importance. “I was actually feeling bad at times because I don’t actually get to go over to the school and serve the way a lot of the volunteers do,” confessed Pam. But the truth remains that without a Key Coordinator, volunteers and ideas from her faith community could easily fall through the cracks. Also, Pam is thankful to be active, volunteering, in any way helpful.

“It’s like I don’t know any other way.” Pam said sharing her childhood dream of being a missionary and growing up to help people. And now, you can see this dream expressed in her enthusiasm towards connecting to people. “I’m hands on, I love being with people, I love sharing and doing. I deal with computers all day long, but I’m not a computer geek type of person . I could not sit at a computer all the time.” And as Key Coordinator, she is able to use her love of sharing and being with people when she communicates with volunteers from her church about up and coming opportunities with Micah.

“I was meant to do this, I was meant to be in this position at this time. It all fell together like it was meant for me to do.” says Pam, while recalling the journey that led her here.

And although she might not be a child’s tutor, through her service to Micah at her church and at the school, she still indirectly exposes the students to new positive experiences through her role as Key Coordinator.

Thank you Pam for being willing to do the “background” work as a Micah Key Coordinator and showing us what it means to serve with heart.

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