Cynthia’s Story of Summer Camp

Looking for new ways to support Richmond City students? Consider sponsoring a child to go to camp. Summer camps are a great way to continue educational experiences and they’re fun, too!

Cynthia says it best… 

Cynthia at Camp

Hello. My name is Cynthia. I’m writing this to tell about my experiences at camps and why other kids should go.

First, I’m going to talk about some camps I’ve been to. The first four camps I ever went to were Henricus, Camp Steward, the Visual Arts Center, and Camp Hanover (a sleepaway camp). They were really fun and great learning experiences. The next year I was pretty upset, because all of my camps were changed except one. Afterwards I didn’t even care, because I was having so much fun. The other three camps I went to were Cat’s CAP (at St. Catherine’s), Trinity River, and Makemie Woods (also a sleepaway camp). These camps kept me more active.

Next, I’m going to talk about some of the things I did and learned. At Henricus I learned about the Powhatan Indians and Colonists. At Camp Steward

I learned about team work. At the Visual Arts Center I learned how to make my art better. At Makemie Woods and Camp Hanover I learned how to get closer to God. At Trinity River and Cat’s CAP I learned a lot of fun skills. At Trinity River Camp I spent five days in the James River, even though I had a fear of water. After the camp I wasn’t afraid any more. That camp taught me to be brave and helped me conquer my fear. So I’ve learned a lot from my three summers at camp, and I hope that I can continue.

I think that other kids from other schools should go because all kids sometimes spend their time doing nothing when they should be having fun and meeting new people. Camps help children to no be afraid to try new things out of their comfort zone. It would be wonderful if children could have the same fun that I’ve had for three years. Think of the smile on their faces and the joy in their hearts. Well, that’s all for this newsletter. I hope that you enjoyed reading this!

Cynthia just finished Woodville Elementary School. Cynthia was the Academic Standout Student at Woodville this year. She is now in the IB Program at her new middle school.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child this summer, click here to see some of the camp opportunities.


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