Beth Ann Lucas’s Story: Being a Part of the “Great!”

“Great Happens Here!” is the sign that greets you as you walk up to John B. Cary Elementary School, one of the twenty-two schools that Micah partners with in Richmond Public Schools. Beth Ann Lucas has become part of the “Great” that happens at Cary as the Micah Key Coordinator of Saints Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Cathedral.

As she reflected on her four years at the school, she said, “I had no idea how rewarding it would be for me to serve as a volunteer at Cary or how much I would learn from the students themselves.”


Beth Ann working with students in the garden.

Great happens hereMMresize

Beth Ann has led volunteers in creating many successful projects at Cary Elementary, one of which is the school garden. Last year they embarked on the project of re-establishing the Cary garden: “We all watched the miracle of seeds sprouting, flowers blooming, and fruits and vegetables ripening! It was a great place for science lessons and the whole project was one big experiment. We bought ladybugs, hunted for slugs, tasted new vegetables, and tried new recipes. We made all sorts of observations and predictions and did some problem solving.” It was certainly a project of growth for all involved. “I loved seeing everyone’s excitement,” said Beth Ann, “but I especially loved the kindergartener who enthusiastically raised his hand when I asked the class to tell me what plants need in order to grow.” Beth Ann remembered his confident response, “Plants need love! We had to agree with this wise little boy that plants do need love because even a kindergartener could see that our garden was thriving under the loving care of the entire school.”

“I still have much to learn but I am confident that if I spend a little more time with the students at John B. Cary, I will learn all I need to know.” shares Beth Ann. Beth Ann and other Micah volunteers learn by being a part of the “Great” that happens at Cary!

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